Planning for the future

We’re working on a masterplan for the Rathdowney Memorial Grounds.

  • a vision and mission
  • research – who lives here? who visits? what do people want? how can we help?
  • mapping – what’s here now? the site, the facilities, electricity, water and drainage?
  • safety issues – what’s urgent to fix?
  • future issues – what’s SEQ going to look like in the future?
  • goals for the future – this year, next few years, and for 2044
  • a masterplan to develop and maintain the grounds and facilities.

There’s lots of research to do first, we need a detailed plan, then a summary like this!

There’ll be lots of opportunities to have a say. A subcommittee, chaired by the Secretary, is being formed to organise consultation and research. This will involve 4 x weekly meetings through April 2021. The time, date and form of meetings to be decided when we first meet. Interested members, please email

Published by rmgasecretary

Secretary for the Rathdowney Memorial Grounds Association

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