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Since the solar meter was installed in March, we’ve been getting some good information about how things are going! In short, we generate heaps of power, but we don’t get paid much for it. Look at March for example: So far, we’ve produced more electricity than we use. In March our generation (green, kWh) wasContinue reading “Solar news!”


Keep an eye out for an email about your member details! I’m doing a yearly check. It’s not the most exciting Secretary activity, but important. I’ve had a few emails ‘bounce back’ recently. Mostly addresses from Hotmail and Outlook. I have asked LitteDogIT (our web hosters) to check this for me. In the meantime, IContinue reading “Housekeeping”


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Thank you for joining the Rathdowney & Districts Memorial Grounds Association. The RMGA is a local not-for-profit, working to maintain the grounds for everyone in the community. All of our facilities and events are run by hard working members and like-minded locals.

As President, my vision is to see the RMGA welcome more members, and plan a future for the grounds as a shared space.

During 2021 we will undertake a significant strategic planning excercise, where we will be asking locals and visitors for their different perspectives and ideas. I look forward to hearing from you all.

Andrew Buchanan


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