Caravan park news

At the January general meeting, a number of projects were approved to improve facilities at the caravan park. It’s all in the minutes, but:

  • We will write to Council, to see if they can’t do something about stormwater from the highway that runs into the caravan park and ponds at the northern end.
  • We’re doing some maintenance on the internal road.
  • We’re looking to improve the stability of caravan slabs, and use signage to stop people driving on them.
  • We’re also going to ask Council about the number of slabs we can install. It would be timely to install a few new slabs, if we are working on-site to repair or replace old ones.

Most urgently, we are removing the electrical wires from that section of the park and installing undergrounds power to all sites and facilities. A number of contractors have been invited to submits quotes for this work.

Published by rmgasecretary

Secretary for the Rathdowney Memorial Grounds Association

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