MC meeting

The MC met last night, with a long agenda which covered everything from the constitution to the toilet lights.

You can read the minutes here.


Good news

  • Grant from Council for the electrical upgrade
  • The final draft of the constitution (new rules) is ready
  • The caravan park continues to provide steady income, despite the impact of coronavirus restrictions.
  • The helicopters landed and left, without incident
  • Council is sending us a lockable bin for the canteen area
  • Solar meter is scheduled to be installed on 4 February.


Problems and disagreements

  • No lights at the canteen amenities. Urgent work is needed to make them functional and safe, or lock amenities on movie night.
  • Quotes for electrical upgrades were delayed, while Council completed their own work on a new meter near the soccer sheds. The configuration of the new meter affects the specification for electrical work on our grounds.
  • The cold room motor has stopped working, and needs repair.
  • We can’t agree yet on how to stop people driving on the soccer field during the campdraft. There was complete agreement it is rude, unacceptable and against the rules. The subcommittee is getting more information about how we can penalise people who disregard the rules.


Priorities for next month

  • January general meeting – Feedback from members
  • New constitution – Recommend to members
  • Encourage Council to prioritise a new electricity meter for the soccer field
  • Get quotes for fixing the cold room motor
  • Fix the canteen plumbing.
  • Consult with all members about future plans and priorities for funding.

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Secretary for the Rathdowney Memorial Grounds Association

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